Face Fit Testing

There are two Fit Testing methods, these are known as: Quantitative and Qualitative tests. AMC Safety can provide both Qualitative and Quantitative tests, on-site throughout the UK.

Fit Testing - Quantitative Tests

Quantitative tests can be used to fit test all types of tight-fitting masks including disposable, half and full face masks. Quantitative tests give an objective assessment of facial fit and provide a direct numerical result called a Fit Factor.

The most widely-used quantitative method for fit testing is the Particle Counting Device method, a title ascribed to the TSI Portacount Plus. The Portacount Plus measures the number of ambient particles inside and outside a facepiece and provides a numerical result which is the ratio of the two over a given test period. As in all other methods, the wearer should perform a series of exercises during the fit testing procedure.

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